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South African Waterski and Wakeboard Federation

Wakeboard Division
(Boat & Cable)

The South African Wakeboard Division of the SAWWF is the organisation responsible for organising tournaments for our athletes at club, national and international level. These tournaments can be recognised at different levels of expertise dependent on the organiser and the expected participants.

The International Ranking List is used for seeding purposes at the World Championships and for performance comparison from all tournamentsin the world.

At present the Division is represented in the Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and Orange Free State.


Ski World
Vineyard Lake
Boon Esperanza


International Officials
National Officials

Our Wakeboard Division team

Darryn Ridgeway
Chairman: Boat

Tel: 082 465 0888.

Kyle Holtzhausen
Chairman: Cable

Tel: 082 606 0606